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This catalog is published in compliance with K.S.A. 75-3317 through 75-3322, “The Kansas Use Law.” The Kansas Director of Purchases has found the items in this catalog to be consistent with “The Kansas Use Law” and has therefore designated them for mandatory purchase. The intent of “The Kansas Use Law” is to help provide employment for Kansans who are blind or severely disabled. Purchase of products and services from these exceptional Kansans helps them be a productive force contributing to the economy of our State.

Benefits of the program:
• Yields meaningful employment and training
• Compliments and encourages efforts to deinstitutionalize people who have disabilities
• Advocates self-sufficiency for those with disabilities
• Reduces cost of service care for people with disabilities
• Encourages community involvement and support of people who have disabilities
• Supports efforts for a good business approach to spending vocational rehabilitation dollars
• Increases tax base
• Decreases tax requirements
• Stimulates growth of Kansas local economy
• Ensures continuity in the supply of needed services and products to customers
• Provides opportunity for State agencies to contract for services at a lower cost than in-house services
• Promotes productivity in vocational rehabilitation centers

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